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Wealthy families have an unwritten and invisible bond; they share a view of life in which family (business) capital plays an important role. Imagine that we can use this connection as a development system for the next generation of heirs. A family business by and for families, to guarantee the quality of the continuity of the (family) business.



In some family issues, a bridging period is vital in guaranteeing the family (business) capital continuity. This period is not related to external experts, but the focus is to let the family system pass the baton in the best way possible.

In this period, the next generation can develop themselves with the needed knowledge and skills to safeguard the family (business) capital.

At SpinPerceptie, we train the heirs, and at SpinTurnaround, the heirs will act themselves.



Issue 1 – Guiding companies from heirs to exit

The heir runs the company and is also the majority shareholder. In this case, entrepreneurship is the main focus. The company is financially connected to the family through, for example, shared participation of the family capital, granted loans, growth capital, or the family selling the company to the heir. In all cases, family capital plays a big part in the origin or development of the company.

Heirs learn to navigate in terms of having feelings of “guilt” towards their family, family expectations, entrepreneurship development, standards of living, the equality principle, identity development and how to stay true to family values. An additional advantage is that the heir can participate in the family business in a balanced and professional manner at any time.


Issue 2 – Buying family business equities and selling it to the family again after seven years

In short, we deal with various forms of failure in the family and within the family business. We buy family businesses and offer them to the family again after an average of seven years. We also do interim work in case of a temporary loss of the CEO position.


Issue 3 - Spin Fund for and by families   

We have chosen to set up a fund to create independence and objectivity in issues 1 and 2. This fund was founded by wealthy families and is used for issues 1 and 2, in addition to providing continuity in the fund. Unique in this issue is the training of participating heirs on the development of challenging scenarios.