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Doing business can lead to personal gain. From our point of view, entrepreneurship is also closely related to the essence of existence, the world vision we have, and our attitude towards society.



With our knowledge, SpinDoctor aims to contribute to families who do not have the means and money to hire advisors. By doing this, we invest in the continuity of the family business and well-being.

We believe that creating impact and making a difference is all about who you are in relation to somebody else. For this reason, we have chosen to shape our social responsibility by offering knowledge and expertise with a non-profit attitude. We ask everyone we work with to contribute to this as well.

Family code or family honour is a strong foundation. Sometimes we see that this unwritten commitment impacts the possibility of growing as a company. In other words, when companies can grow, they make a difference in society by providing jobs, wealth and perspective. We hope that this creates a space for development so that they can break through the system. We contribute by teaching families how to make good agreements, translated to their culture and family habits.

The revenue from our Next Gen program for wealthy families will be used to make this happen. This way, families will be helping each other because of our connection.

SpinPerceptie trains the heirs, SpinTurnaround creates a field for these heirs to do business and SpinDoctor focuses on a mission of hope.



Issue 1 – A summit for heirs

Twice a year, somewhere in the world, we organize a summit for heirs. In this program, which runs a week, an extract is offered to provide insight into or prepare for the supervisory role as an heir in the family (business) capital.


Issue 2 – Foundation “family code continuity business”

In short, we discuss with different embassies and NGOs to reach the right target group. Because of COVID-19, we've put our program on hold for three years. We expect to communicate the calendar for 2023 and 2024 at the end of 2022.


Issue 3 - Publication: book

Release 2024